Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Kelly is 3 1/2 right now, so she alternates between being adorable and absolutely infuriating. She is definitely my wild child, and much more challenging than Ally ever was at this age. (I've been saying that for years now!)

Anyway, today she was looking at an old album of pictures and kept asking if the little girl was her. I explained to her in each and every picture, that no, that is Allison. Which she knows, because we have looked at these before. I finally told her there was only one picture that she was in, and I showed it to her.

By the way, Allison is eating a ring pop, so that's why she looks so odd. I think if you click on the pic, it will get larger.

I asked Kelly if she knew where she was in the picture (after she said that Allison was her), and she yelled, "In your tummy!" I laughed and said yes. Then she asked, "What was I wearing? Was I wearing this?" and pointed to her shirt and pants! I laughed for quite a while at that one! Not a question of how did I get there or get out, but the important question of fashion! LOL! I had to call Mike with that one! She was certainly stinkin' cute then!

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