Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am exhausted...this week isn't halfway over and I am worn out! I realized that I haven't posted any pics of Ally in her cast or the girls in their Halloween costumes. I will try and upload some later today--if I'm not taking a nap! :)

I just got back from taking Ally to Children's--the cast is OFF!!!!!!!!! Yay! It seems like the longest month ever! It feels like forever since I've seen my child's arm! The mornings before school became much more difficult--I had to help her get dressed, open the toothpaste, get her cereal, help her with her shoes, etc. You realize how much you rely on your child to be independent, even at the age of 6! So, it all healed great, but now she has to start using it again, since the arm is weak. When I dropped her off, she was still holding her arm like it had the cast on it!

Kelly was still fighting me regarding the potty up until last weekend. We had pretty much done everything but bribe her with a car to get her in there. I tried the whole "pretty panties" thing--she yanked them off and said she didn't like them. Mike bribed her with a piece of candy on Saturday and she was finally willing. And she went! So, the last few days she has peed consistently in the potty! No poop yet, so we are still in pullups. But she has pulled a complete 180, because she is rotten. Now, she constantly wants to go "pee in potty". She wants to go, even if it is just a few drops so she can get a sticker! Last night, she went 3-4 times before she finally crashed. Not to mention, we are still on the "little" potty...she wants nothing to do with the "real" potty. That's going to be lots of fun when we are out and stubborn! It's a good thing she is cute!

Speaking of cute, we wound up changing Kelly's bedtime routine. More like actually going back to a routine. A few weeks ago, she was having a hard time settling down, so I covered her with her blanket, smoothed her hair and sang her "Kelly belly" song to her. She got the most adorable look on her face--I have my own song!--and went to sleep soon after. Now, she requests "Mommy, cover me!" and I have to sing 3 songs every night. It's worth it for the smiles.