Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So, I last wrote about my period being MIA.  After several weeks with no period and two negative pregnancy tests, I finally went to the dr.  She agreed that it could be my hormones and ordered some bloodwork.  She also wanted me to have an ultrasound to check out my uterus and ovaries and make sure that things looked okay. 

Last week, they called me with the results that the bloodwork was normal.  And I was somewhat disappointed, because I was hoping they would find something that would explain why I feel lousy and my body is skipping periods.  I went to my ultrasound on Wednesday, and that sucked horribly.  I had to drink 32 oz of water in 15 minutes and not pee.  Umm, I have had two children and my bladder has taken some damage due to that!  I thought I was going to pee my pants on the drive to the hospital, and then I thought for certain I was going to pee in the chair in the waiting room, and I even warned the tech that I might pee on her!  Thankfully, she was quick and there was no accidents.  I mean, I even took a backpack with a change of clothes just in case!

However, the office just called me with the results of the ultrasound and they found a cyst on my ovary.  Now, I had one of those back in high school and I was out of school for 3 weeks when it ruptured  But this hasn't felt anything like that.  I was shocked when they told me that and that she wants me to see my gynecologist.  Amazingly, the office must have had a cancellation because she is able to see me tomorrow.  And I am so thankful for that.  You see, I made the mistake of consulting "dr google" if you will, and now I am worried.  Instead of thinking about the cyst like I had in high school, I am now wondering and worried if the cyst is malignant or benign.  Could I have ovarian cancer?  I am scared as to what the doctor will say tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Yep, I'm late for an important date.  And it's freaking me out a little.  My period was due last week and I barely spotted for a day.  That's it.  Not my normal.  However, it gets a little more complicated than that.  You are probably thinking that I'm preggers.  Normal assumption.  But my hubs had a vasectomy last year, plus I'm on the pill.  So, that baby would REALLY be special if I am pregnant.  I take meds for my migraines, so I got a little paranoid and took a pregnancy test just in case.  It was negative yesterday morning (shades of Christmas Eve 2007 when we found out I was pregnant with Kelly) but I still haven't started.

Now I'm googling "missed period but not pregnant" and I don't know what to do.  I wondered a few months ago if I was starting menopause b/c it felt like I was having hot flashes.  My dr referred me to my gynecologist and said it could be hormone issues.  I never went b/c the flashes stopped, but now I'm wondering if I am starting menopause.  I am only 35!!!!!!  But once again, due to the magic of the internet, it is apparently possible to go into early menopause at 35.  Oy.  I guess I am headed to the doctor soon.