Thursday, March 22, 2012

Got tonsils?

I am in a state of anxiety here. My baby, Kelly, is headed for surgery tomorrow. She has had tubes inserted in her ears twice before they actually did anything, and only then with the addition of zyrtec. A few months ago, my husband was brushing her teeeth and noticed how big her tonsils were. We thought that maybe she was getting sick, but they never got any smaller. We took her to the ENT, and he sent her for x-rays.

The results came back that her tonsils and adenoids were "significantly large" and some other insane terms. The dr said that it could impact her breathing (that freaked me out), probably is why she breathes/snores so loud, and could also be a factor with her speech development issues.

But he gave us the choice as to whether or not we should take her tonsils/adenoids out, saying that half of drs would operate now, and the other half would wait and see. We waited one or two months and decided just to do it now, and scheduled it about six weeks ago.

Well, tomorrow is the day. This momma is really worried. I trust the doctor--he did Ally's tubes, both of Kelly's tubes and in fact, even did my tubes as a kid. But this surgery is longer and inherently more complicated than tubes, and she is my baby. I hate watching your child being wheeled away into the operating room. Not to mention, she doesn't really understand what is happening tomorrow and I don't want to scare her. I've tried to explain, but she just says, "No. I don't want to go to the doctor."

I know that, obviously, there are much worse reasons she could be having surgery. I will be glad when this is over. Of course, then I will have to pull out all the stops trying to comfort her and make sure she drinks or eats something. I just hope it works!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Kelly is 3 1/2 right now, so she alternates between being adorable and absolutely infuriating. She is definitely my wild child, and much more challenging than Ally ever was at this age. (I've been saying that for years now!)

Anyway, today she was looking at an old album of pictures and kept asking if the little girl was her. I explained to her in each and every picture, that no, that is Allison. Which she knows, because we have looked at these before. I finally told her there was only one picture that she was in, and I showed it to her.

By the way, Allison is eating a ring pop, so that's why she looks so odd. I think if you click on the pic, it will get larger.

I asked Kelly if she knew where she was in the picture (after she said that Allison was her), and she yelled, "In your tummy!" I laughed and said yes. Then she asked, "What was I wearing? Was I wearing this?" and pointed to her shirt and pants! I laughed for quite a while at that one! Not a question of how did I get there or get out, but the important question of fashion! LOL! I had to call Mike with that one! She was certainly stinkin' cute then!

Stormy pt 2

Kelsey's most recent post reminded me that I had not updated about the storms. Thankfully, my family is safe. However, that cannot be said for many in the tri-state area.

We spent a couple of hours in the basement, just in case. I picked Ally up, and then we headed downstairs. I had lots of supplies with us--snacks, water, flashlights, cell phone, camera to documents any damage--again, just in case. I even had the girls keep on their sneakers, in case we had to leave or any kind of damage, like walking over broken glass. Right after we got home, I turned on the news and heard that a tornado had possibly touched down, and was 10 minutes away from the city where my brother works. I called my mom and she was panicked, as was I. He wasn't picking up his cell phone! Once I finally talked to him, he was more than halfway home and out of the worst (or so we thought) part. Annoyingly, he was rather flippant and nonchalant about the bad weather. Adding to my panic on Friday afternoon was the fact that the National Weather Service had designated it as a "PDS"--particular dangerous situation--and that it is rare for that designation in this area. Apparently, it is normally used in Tornado Alley.

So, I huddled downstairs in front of the tv while the girls played games. My husband was on the road, and all I kept hearing about was possible funnel clouds and severe damage. Some places saw hail the size of softballs! The only thing that was remotely reassuring was that the most severe storms seemed to be south of us, and my husband was able to get home safely.

Sadly, several small towns in Indiana and Ohio were devastated--some were practically wiped off the map. And the fatality list continues to tragic. So scary. Please keep these families in your hearts and prayers.

That night, as I watched the news, I looked at Mike and said, "This is why I panic. Because you never know when it will hit YOU."

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today they are calling for SEVERE weather. The weather stations have just reported that our chance for severe weather is now in the high category, which of course, includes tornadoes. I am all for notification, but all of this attention is starting to make me panic. Especially since they are stating the severe stuff will start between 3 and 4pm. Do you know when I pick up Ally? Yep, 3:30 pm. So, we will just be hanging out there waiting in line to grab her and fly home. Thankfully, we only live 5 minutes away, but I DO. NOT. LIKE. IT.

It reminds me of the day, almost exactly a year ago, that they were calling for tornadoes and severe weather in the afternoon again. The forecasters sounded dire, and calling for it to hit right about pickup time. Obviously, it's a control thing but I worry about my babies being someplace else during a dangerous time. I freaked out and, after conferring with Mike, ran out to pick her up early so that we would miss the bad storms.

Well, that plan didn't quite work out. I threw Kelly in the car and we drove to the school. By the time we got there, it was raining hard and I just ran in while holding Kelly, trying to shelter her face. But then Ally took forever to get to the office, and when we left, it was a deluge. I debated staying at the school, but was fearful that it would get even worse. We sped home while I attempted to see through the rain--the wipers on full-blast really weren't cutting it--and then it began to hail!!!!!!!!! The whole time on the road, I was alternating between cursing and praying. We ran downstairs when we got home, but it was pretty much over. The forecasters were so wrong on their timing and I was so pissed! I'm thankful that we were okay, but we wound up in the worst of it.

I took the following pics just in case we had roof damage, but you can see we had some decent hail. Oh, and just an FYI, I hate to drive in the rain, any rain.