Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 years

10 years. Not 10 years of marriage, but instead 10 years today since Mike proposed! Full disclosure--this has the possibility of getting sappy.
Okay, so I started this on the actual 10 year anniversary--that has to count for something. But life with kids, it's now the next day...

I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. 10 years since he proposed, and 9 years of marriage. It doesn't seem possible. Don't get me wrong--some days it seems like we have been together for 3 decades instead of 13 years. But I was lucky to find Mike. We may argue about stupid stuff, mostly since becoming parents and sleep deprived, but we get along really well. I know that he is always there for me, and he has taken on a huge responsibility in being the sole breadwinner so that I can stay home with the girls. That was our joint decision, but I know that it adds extra stress to his shoulders. Even though he works all day, he isn't an absent daddy. He changes diapers, feeds bottles (if Kelly will take it), bathes the kids, cooks, cleans and is all around a great guy.

When he proposed, he totally shocked me. We were both seniors at UD and weren't sure where our relationship was going to go after graduation. I planned to go to grad school or law school (umm, neither happened) and he was a chemical engineer looking for a job. So, one of my last nights before going home for Christmas break, we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I should have known right then and there something was up, because I love that place and he doesn't. He just seemed "off", but I soon found out why. I guess the ring was still in his car from picking it up! We went back to his house and he lit the fireplace and candles, and got down on one knee and said he couldn't imagine his life without me! Needless to say, I said yes!

We try to celebrate this little anniversary by going out to dinner, but hadn't done it the last few years. We took the girls out to Olive Garden last night, and let's just say that it was a typical dinner with small children! Kelly screamed for the half the time and I wound up nursing her at the restaurant; Ally ate only breadsticks and felt compelled to spit milk on the floor. Just a little different from the dinner we were remembering!

In those 9 years, we have lived in 3 states, had several jobs, found our first house, and welcomed two children into the world. I sure am glad that I said yes!


Giselle said...

Okay, Sara, I feel like I should know you, but I don't recognize you from your photo. Or Mike. But I graduated in '99 from UD and my hubby was a chemical engineer grad the same year. I gotta know what year you graduated...and I will be totally embarrassed if you tell me that you lived next door to me or something. I have a terrible memory, so please don't take it personally. ;)

Giselle said...
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